Welcome to the web home of The Rocky Hill (CT) Historical Society. Here you will find up to date information and articles about the activities of the society. Please visit the various pages to the right for detailed information about the society and our activities, our community, our historic buildings, etc.

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  1. rick spencer Says:

    I’m writing to inform you about several historic music presentations that might be of interest to your organization for next year. During 2011 my presentations have been very warmly received at historical societies, museums, libraries and universities throughout my home state of CT as well as in NY, MA, VA, PA, MD, OH and NC.

    The year 2012 will begin the 200th anniversary of the events of the War of 1812, will be the second year of the sesquicentennial commemoration of the Civil War and will see us through another Presidential campaign and election. I have a number of programs which relate to some aspect of these significant events in American history.

    My “Songs of the War of 1812” program will give background information on the causes of the conflict and insight into the spirit and character of a very young United States. I have already been invited to present this program for the prestigious Frederick Lee Lecture Series in Madison, CT as well as the MILE program in Lifelong Learning at Middlesex Community College.

    My program “Freemen for Frémont: Songs of the Presidential Campaign of 1856” presents a number of songs that were published in a songster which was distributed at rallies in support of the Presidential aspirations of Republican candidate John C. Frémont, who lost the election to James Buchanan. This was one of the most fascinating Presidential campaigns in our history. The songs are informative, humorous, patriotic and incendiary. The program discusses the personalities of the campaign’s major players and issues of an America poised on the edge of Civil War. It also provides an insightful contrast to the campaign practices of today.

    I have three programs related to the Civil War. To compliment my program “The Greatest Hits of the Civil War: America’s Earliest Professional Songwriters” I have developed a program of songs from the seafaring side of the conflict: “The Maritime Civil War in Song.” Another related program is “The Boys on the Battlefield: The Civil War as Told by Its Popular Songwriters.”

    The cost of these programs is flexible. The average amount I receive for a presentation is $200.00 however I understand that smaller or less well funded organizations are not able to afford that and am open to discussing the specifics. Of course I will be very happy to provide references upon request.

    I hope very much that you’ll consider one of these programs for inclusion in your series of presentations or special events during 2012. For more information or for a complete list and descriptions of my historic music programs please visit my website at http://www.catfeather.com or feel free to be in touch with me directly at rspencer02@snet.net or by phone at 860.859.1927.

    Rick Spencer

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