Rocky Hill Memorabilia

In addition to housing the museum and library, the Rocky Hill Historical Society offers memorabilia for sale. Items such as annual holiday ornaments, note cards, posters, mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps are available. Books on Rocky Hill are also for sale, as are map reproductions of the town (1869). Several monographs can be purchased at the museum too. Titles include:

  • A Survey of Education in Rocky Hill (1650-1850)
  • One Creature Per Acre
  • History of Rocky Hill’s Stone Quarry
  • Calvin Chapin and Henry Adams
  • Brief History of Academy Hall
  • A Short History of Rocky Hill Parks
  • Organization and Administration of a Small Library, 1794-1956
  • Old Houses and Taverns of Rocky Hill
  • Historical Report of Dividend Brook Industrial Archaeological District
  • The Minerva of Rocky Hill: First Vessel of the Connecticut Navy
  • A Brief History of the Connecticut River
  • Rocky Hill Schools – Then and Now, A Perspective for the Years 1912 to 1932
  • An Historical Account of The Great Fire of Rocky Hill

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