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Wall Stenciling-18th C House Rocky Hill (c. 1727)

May 15, 2011

This decoration found on the wall of a 2nd floor room in a house on Lower Pratt Street. Such stenciling decoration was a fairly common practice in the period but to find them intact and vibrant today is rare. It is unknown when this stenciling was added as the previous owners have passed on and the current owner does not occupy the house.

Wall Stenciling - 18th C House Rocky Hill (CT) (c 1727)

Wall Stenciling -  18th C House Rocky Hill (CT) (c. 1727) by Steadyjohn

This decoration found surrounding a parlor fireplace in a house on Lower Pratt Street.

Here is information from a review of the book “American Wall Stenciling 1790-1840” by Ann Eckert Brown:

“For today’s owner of an antique house, the discovery of an early stenciled wall—even a fragment of one—is a revelation that offers a shard of a tangible past. In post-revolutionary America, the decoration of choice for a surprisingly large number of home owners from all social and economic groups was walls painted with intricate stenciled designs. Stenciled walls were cheaper and more sanitary than those covered with paper, but the most compelling reason for the widespread use of stenciling was that it was considered far more stylish than impersonal, mass-produced paper. Stencil artists freely borrowed wallpaper motifs and crossbred them. Successive generations of wallpaper, which became increasingly more affordable after the Industrial Revolution, covered stenciled walls, hiding them, obliterating some and preserving others.”


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