Rocky Hill Memorabilia

In addition to housing the museum and library, the Rocky Hill Historical Society offers memorabilia for sale. Items such as annual holiday ornaments, note cards, posters, mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirts, caps books on Rocky Hill and maps are for sale. are also for sale, as are map reproductions of the town (1869). Several monographs can be purchased at the museum too.  See below for a full list of items:

Blown Glass (when available) $5.00
Books $8.00
   A Short History of Rocky Hill
   Looking Back at Rocky Hill
Christmas Ornaments $15.00
   2004 – Academy Hall
   2005 – Rocky Hill-Glastonbury Ferry (out of stock)
   2006 – Duke of Cumberland Inn
   2007 – Philip Goffe House (out of stock)
   2008 – Rocky Hill Congregational Church
   2009 – Rocky Hill Firehouse Museum
   2010 – Rocky Hill Depot Station
   2011 – The Minerva
   2012 – Rocky Hill Fire Museum
   2013 – Rocky Hill’s First Police Station
   2014 – TBA
Coffee Mugs $10.00
Baseball Cap $20.00
Historical Essays $3.00
   A Brief History of Academy Hall Museum, by E. Cooke
   A Brief History of the Connecticut River, by R. Merlino
   A Short History of Rocky Hill’s Parks, by E. Cooke
   A Survey of Education in Rocky Hill, by H. Mangle
   Calvin Chapin and Henry Adams, by D. Googins
   Dividend – Rocky Hill’s First Industrial Complex
   Report of Dividend Brook Industrial Arch. District, by J. Cooke
   Old Houses and Taverns of Rocky Hill, by Hazel Hall
   One Creature Per Acre, by P. Revill
   Organization and Admin. of a Small Library, by D. Simmons
   The Minerva of Rocky Hill, by R. Decker
   The Quarry in Rocky Hill, Connecticut, by G. Lowell
Magnets $5.00
Reproduction Map – Rocky Hill (1869) $5.50
Note Paper (4-pack) $4.00
Paper Weights $2.00
Pewter Figurines $3.00
Posters $10.00
Tiles $4.00
T-Shirts – Youth $12.00
T-Shirts – Adult (S, M, L) $15.00
T-Shirts – Adult (XL, XXL) $16.00
Post Cards $0.50
Annual Membership Dues
Individual $15.00
Family $25.00
Contributing $100.00


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